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Dyslexia Facts

Knowing the facts about dyslexia is the first step to advocating.  Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley breaks down nine of them for you below.

Dyslexia Fact #1:  Dyslexia is not a vision problem and cannot be remediated by color overlays or vision therapy.  Sure, those may help, but for true dyslexia, an intensive remediation is necessary.  People with dyslexia see things the way people without dyslexia do, therefore if vision problems are suspected, they need to be ruled out or remediated before a diagnosis of dyslexia can be made.

Dyslexia Fact 1










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Dyslexia Speech for School Board Meeting

Dyslexia Speech for School Board MeetingDownload a PDF version of this article here.

Well, we did it. Tracy and I went to the San Diego Unified School Board meeting and expressed our concern about the lack of instruction and identification of dyslexia. We attempted to educate the board within the three minutes we each had. I would love to report that it was a transformative experience and that they get it, but then I would be lying. While we are unsure of the impact of our statements, we are sure that we helped someone in that room and we exercised our rights as citizens to express concern about the public education system. What we can promise is that we will be back and we may be back every month until they do more than nod their heads.

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