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Are you Schwaducated? Take this Quiz to Find Out

Are you Schwaducated? Take this Quiz to Find Out! -

It is not uncommon to sweep the schwa under the rug or give it a cursory nod in a short lesson and then move on. Instead many instructors choose to over-pronounce a word and avoid the schwa altogether. Think about this, the schwa is the most common utterance in the English language, and it deserves to be understood. Here is a quiz for you to become schwaducated and when you are done, you can peruse the answers to learn more about the schwa. Continue reading

School Was My English Thief

School Was My English Thief

I feel cheated. I feel robbed. I feel like those entrusted with my education did not trust my intellect. I feel like a major part of my world, which is my language, was taken from me and I was not permitted to fully understand it because someone decided that it wasn’t important for me to understand or study. And I know for a fact that, in public schools, this robbery is still going on because my own son is being robbed. It wasn’t until I was about 41 years old that someone showed me, in a matter of minutes, what I had been denied and that was how English is really organized, and yes, it is organized.

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Are Dyslexia Advocates Ungracious or Misunderstood?

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Are Dyslexia Advocates Misunderstood?

I don’t know if it is because it’s the end of the year and I am a little on the burnt out side or what, but I am a little sensitive right now. So, when I received the following reply to a blog post (For Those with Dyslexia, Whole Language is Not a Strategy) I felt compelled to respond. I thought I would share it because I know the poster is not the only one who thinks I should tone it down; however, I don’t think my tone is particularly ‘up.’ But I did think it was important to share what the education community may think about what we (I) do as an advocate/s. Continue reading

Dyslexia and the School

Dyslexia and the School by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley -

At the risk of being a Debbie Downer, I wanted to share with you some facts about special education that you should know to prevent any unnecessary delays or frustration. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was enacted to protect children from being denied an education because of their disability. What many people seem to overlook is the fact that this legislation was not set up to provide special education services to everyone with a disability, because not every disability interferes with learning. So, it is not as easy as, Michael has dyslexia, therefore he is entitled to special education services. It doesn’t work that way. Continue reading