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Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall

Photo by JustinCinMD/flickr

Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall (Photo by JustinCinMD/flickr)

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Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall

If you are anything like me, the summer is a respite from IEPs, 504s, meetings, letters, assessments, policies, laws, services…should I go on? But with this respite comes reflection. Reflection about what didn’t work last year, what worked and what I can do differently to be a more effective dyslexia advocate. Fall is right around the corner and it is an opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start and a new approach. Since we always recommend a meeting at the beginning of each school year, I am sharing some tips to either tune-up an old IEP or to help begin the process for a student with dyslexia.

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Dyslexia is real!

Dyslexia Is Real

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Welcome to our new blog and and our new website. The Dyslexia Training Institute has been in existence since 2008 and we believe we have made quite a splash. We provide quality, up-to-date and responsible information about dyslexia and training to those who work with students with dyslexia.

Our intention for this blog it publish very practical articles about dyslexia and dyslexia and the law. We are big believers in spreading great resources, so if we see something that is a positive contribution to the field of dyslexia we will share it here. We will also post things that are meant to provoke thought and discussion.

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