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AB1369: Dear Fellow Californians

AB 1369 - Dear Fellow Californians

Dear parents, students and anyone who works with students with dyslexia in California,

The news of AB1369 has hit social media and the response has been a bit disconcerting, to say the least. Yes, I hear you when you say you are disappointed that AB1369 was pared down and we did not get everything we wanted. What you are not hearing is that AB1369 is not done, it is just beginning and in order to make it happen the way you want it to, we need your help, not your negative comments. Continue reading

OMG! Dyslexia and the Difficult IEP Team Member

Dyslexia and the Difficult IEP Team MemberThere comes a time in every advocate’s professional life when an IEP goes awry because of a hostile team member. This hostility can manifest verbally or non-verbally, and even when it is silent hostility it can still affect the IEP process. Today I had the pleasure of meeting a hostile IEP team member that was both verbally and non-verbally hostile and I am proud of the way we handled the situation, so I thought I would pass on some tips for handling this type of situation. Continue reading

Dyslexia and the White Flag

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Dyslexia and the White Flag by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley  DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.orgSchool has only been back in session for a little over one week and if I were being totally honest with you, I am not having a good year when it comes to dyslexia advocacy. There are moments, and lately it is happening more and more, when I just want to raise the white flag and say to the educational system, “You win. I cannot continue to have the same asinine conversations with different people in different meetings at different schools in different districts, on a daily basis. I cannot continue to argue about eligibility criteria and appropriate interventions. You win. I’m out. Instead of beating my head against the wall in yet another meeting, I am going to get a frozen yogurt.” Continue reading

Dyslexia Awareness Month Giveaway – Week 4: Advocate Package

Dyslexia Awareness Week 4 GiveawayWhat an amazing month it has been as people spread the word about dyslexia!  Education changes everything and the information that is being shared, the awareness that is being raised, and the lives that are being changed will forever be the legacy of those who advocate.  Throughout the month we have featured weekly giveaways, but we have saved the best for last.  This week, you have a chance to win an advocate package featuring the Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd edition book, a “Dyslexia is Real.” t-shirt, and a “dyslexia is real” decal.  It is the perfect way to get the word out there about dyslexia (and be stylishly dressed while attending IEP meetings, of course).

Continue reading