Dyslexia: An Adult Student Checks In

Dyslexia - An Adult Student Checks In with DTI

It’s no secret that my heart will always be with the adult literacy students I worked with prior to starting the Dyslexia Training Institute.  I have even written about the Adult Side of Dyslexia trying to explain the profound impact those students still have on me to this day. Luckily, here at DTI, we still get to work with adults and on some days, and usually the days when I really need a pick-me-up, we get an email like the below from a previous adult learner and today was one of those days in which I received an email that brought me to tears (all identifying information was removed):

Dyslexia: An Adult Student Checks-In‘I wanted to really Thank You all for helping me 3 years ago. Because of the work there and all the wonderful advice and knowledge about Dyslexia, I graduated this past April from the University with a 3.36 with honors in Business Marketing with a concentration in Sports Management. This was a degree that everyone told me that I would never accomplish and I definitely did not believe I would accomplish this degree with a 3.36 after my 2.2 GPA at State. I also walked away this year with 6 championship rings in Track and Field through my collegiate career and I am getting ready to train for USA Nationals. I am also working at a Distribution Systems as a Marketing Intern and receptionist. And to sum up my life as you know, I am getting ready to go for my MBA. So Thank You! You women and this center was the first place where I felt like I can accomplish my dreams without a target on my back and because of the work and classes I had taken with you guys I did. This degree and future degrees would not have been possible without your help, Jen help, and my parents.

P.S I added a photo of my cap. When I made it I thought of my entire experience and everyone that was a part of it. It made my parents laugh, so I hope it makes you guys laugh as well :) .’


Honestly, it just doesn’t get better than this. I could not possibly say it better than she already did. I will say that we need to remember that kids with dyslexia grow up to be adults with dyslexia and that cannot be forgotten as we advocate for k-12 kids.




3 thoughts on “Dyslexia: An Adult Student Checks In

  1. Evrymathia

    Many people with dyslexia can become quite good readers, whilst others may read slowly with inaccuracies. Usually, the most persistent difficulty is with spelling. 

  2. Johnny

    I am trying to find out where can I be tested . I have been like this from Child hood . I am now 53 . Life has been very hard . Reading Spelling is very hard and all ways have been . I am from Louisiana . I can not find any thing . It is hard for me to resurch this on my own as I have been doing sence age 30 .

  3. winstedt

    Good job, man.

    Paradoxically, I wish you less and less thank-yous as ever single one of these is uttered by a person neverthless oppressed in the education system, rendered as an underdog, but conscious of it and how close it was, and how it all ended well.
    Let’s make it well for everyone.


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