Dyslexia and the IEP: How to make sure your IEP is in tip top shape

Dyslexia and the IEP  How to make sure your IEP is in tip top shapeOn Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley and Tracy Block-Zaretsky presented Dyslexia and the IEP:  How to make sure your IEP is in tip top shape, a webinar hosted by Learning Ally.  

The webinar focused not only on getting the right goal for students’ needs and making sure that clear and appropriate measurable goals were included.  You can watch the free webinar below or on the Learning Ally site and download a copy of the slides used in the presentation here.


We encourage you to visit Learning Ally for resources and archived webinars on dyslexia, special education, and more.

4 thoughts on “Dyslexia and the IEP: How to make sure your IEP is in tip top shape

  1. Nancy LeBlanc

    Thank -you for this webinar as I am currently going through with my 10 yr old son and his school is preparing his IEP..

  2. Kim

    Thank you very much. I did not listen live but have been able to listen to this just before the IEP meeting we have scheduled next week. GREAT tips! I will be taking many of these suggestions. Thank you ~Kim

  3. Leticia Villarreal

    Thank you so much!
    I had my son’s Fernando IEP meeting this morning and it was really helpful.
    I felt really confident asking questions and more questions. After going to IEP meetings for the past 4 years this is the first time I felt good about walking in to the meeting.


  4. Elizabeth S.

    Can’t thank you enough for FREELY sharing your expertise. I am preparing for an IEP and I know I will be better equipped to work with the school and advocate for my child than I have ever been.


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