What Sets Dyslexia Training Institute Apart

What Sets Dyslexia Training Institute Apart from the RestWe often get this question: What sets the Dyslexia Training Institute (DTI) apart from other certification programs?

Well, excuse us while we toot our own horn for a minute, because we are extremely proud of all the things that set us apart from the crowd. At DTI, our staff has extensive training in the Orton-Gillingham approach, but equally if not more important, we have comprehensive training in Structured Word Inquiry (SWI). Several trainers and tutors in the dyslexia world have training in Orton-Gillingham, but few have training in Structured Word Inquiry.  We know that the field or dyslexia and dyslexia intervention is ever-changing and we are always on the cutting edge. Our comprehensive and perpetual professional development for our staff in Structured Literacy approaches and continual field experience providing direct instruction to students of all ages with dyslexia gives our staff a high level of expertise in understanding the the structure of the English language. Understanding this approach guides how we develop our courses and how we provide instruction to course participants so they may gain the deepest understanding of dyslexia, the true structure of the English language and how to teach it to their students. Throw in even more professional development and study of Special Education Law and Dyslexia, Executive Functioning skills and dyslexia in English learners and DTI covers all the bases. We take enormous pride in the quality and breadth of the content and structure of our courses. The proof is in the pudding, just take a peek at the unsolicited comments our participants share with us:

I enjoyed being able to respond to the threads at my own pace and when I was available.  I liked to read the others input and learned from not only the instructors but also the other students. I liked the pace of the courses and loved that the information was usable and not just blah blah fluff that is not applicable to a classroom or to your child. I have recommended your courses already.

-Chris, general education teacher


I like that the instructor’s expectations were realistic and took into account the demands of our everyday lives.  The pacing was manageable and the various modes of information transmission–especially the videos–were helpful in cementing the concepts and procedures into my brain. Thank you all much for putting a great online course together!
Rebecca, special education teacher


DTI was founded because we could not locate accessible training in the most populous state in the country and we wanted to help. As adult literacy professionals we had first hand knowledge of what can happen when a student with dyslexia does receive the appropriate intervention and we were not going to let that happen on our watch. We knew finding and attending training was a major barrier and was only working to prevent children from receiving the intervention they need. So, DTI solved the problem by putting the training online and providing access to everyone, and we mean everyone. To date, we have had participants from every continent, except Antarctica, but we are hopeful someone from Antarctica will eventually make their way to us. As we continued our quest for knowledge about the English language and how to teach it, we had an easier time accessing training in Structured Word Inquiry, but in an effort to be some of the most informed professionals in the dyslexia field, a few of us even traveled to France and spent a week studying with a one of a kind linguistic scholar and with the knowledge we gained during that trip, we moved even further into our understanding of English.

So, how in the world could we possibly teach structured literacy (OG,SWI) online? Well, it’s a lot more effective that even we originally believed. In fact, our online format provides participants several benefits. This format provides access to quality trainings that allows participants to fit it in their schedules throughout a day/week and eliminates travel costs, which can be substantial and inconvenient. Our online format provides directed, interactive instruction between participants and instructions (via discussion boards and live webinars), allows participants to ask all their questions, offers participants the benefits of sharing knowledge and experiences between cohort participants, and provides the opportunity for participants to review course content throughout the entire program. All from the comfort of your computer, which means you can join in your pajamas and no one will ever know.

I was nervous that I wouldn’t understand the mechanics of using the online class, but it has been very user friendly.
Sarah, Administrator

The online format was perfect for my schedule.
Kathy, Teacher

Our Dyslexia Certificate Program includes components not available in most other certificate programs. In addition to the three O-G courses in the certificate program, we include an four week study of dyslexia and a reading comprehension and fluency development course. Due to our extensive training, we integrate more linguistics and information on ESL/dyslexia into our certificate courses. We also include webinars on executive functioning and special ed law & advocacy*.  Areas of great concern and need in the dyslexia world.

You taught me more in a relatively short time than I’ve struggled to learn in three years.
-Colleen, Parent

We say with the utmost modesty, we are some of the best trained in the field!  Okay, maybe not that much modesty.

Lastly, the staff at DTI is funny and down-to-earth with a tinge of sarcasm and a whole lot of sass.

*Check out Dr. Kelli’s new advocacy book: Dyslexia Advocate!: How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System. Learn more about it here.

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  1. Laura Cooper

    Love your program and would sign up tomorrow but am looking for something accredited by IDA and/or IMSLAC. Is this in the works yet for DTI?


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