Misspelled Words of the Day – Does and Goes

Misspelled Word of the Day - Does and GoesThe purpose of Misspelled Word of the Day is not to try to make everyone a perfect speller, it is to point out what we learn from misspellings and then how to teach the student the misspelled word of the day. Important note:  the intention is not to teach students to spell every word in the English language, of which there are more than one million, the intention is to teach the student to think about words differently and learn to question spellings. Continue reading

Dyslexia and the White Flag

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Dyslexia and the White Flag by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley  DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.orgSchool has only been back in session for a little over one week and if I were being totally honest with you, I am not having a good year when it comes to dyslexia advocacy. There are moments, and lately it is happening more and more, when I just want to raise the white flag and say to the educational system, “You win. I cannot continue to have the same asinine conversations with different people in different meetings at different schools in different districts, on a daily basis. I cannot continue to argue about eligibility criteria and appropriate interventions. You win. I’m out. Instead of beating my head against the wall in yet another meeting, I am going to get a frozen yogurt.” Continue reading

10 Best Things to Happen to the Dyslexia Community in 2014

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The Ten Best Things to Happen to the Dyslexia Community in 201410 Best Things to Happen in the Dyslexia Community in 2014 by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley of the Dyslexia Training Institute

1.  The Decoding Dyslexia movement grew to 49 states and a Canadian province. DD was number one my list in 2013 and they remain there because they continue to be the driving force behind public awareness and local dyslexia activism. They have accomplished more in three years than any other organization.  Find them here:  http://www.decodingdyslexia.net/.

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No Such Thing As Sight Words?

Dyslexia and Orthography - No Such Thing As Sight Words - DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.org

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No Such Thing As Sight Words?

What would you think if I told you there is no such thing as a sight word? For example, think about the word <sign>. What happens when you add the suffix <-al>? It becomes the word <signal> and the <g> suddenly makes sense because now it represents a phoneme. So the <g> in <sign> is in there to mark its connection to the words: signal, signature, designate and so on. This is a true word family. Continue reading