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Tips for Transitioning to Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

Tips for Transition: Students with Learning Disabilities Moving to Online Classes

The move to online classes is happening at many colleges due to the Coronavirus. Although this may work for social distancing measures, it creates issues for those with learning disabilities.

Often, this move to online classes is a very sudden one with little time to prepare. Confusion occurs about what to do, who to talk with, and how to make sure accommodations are met and appropriate for each class.

In addition, this is done as students are asked to leave campus prompting more change and transition. Here are some tips to help transition well, continue to do well academically, and make sure appropriate accommodations are in place.

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Dyslexia and the White Flag

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Dyslexia and the White Flag by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley  DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.orgSchool has only been back in session for a little over one week and if I were being totally honest with you, I am not having a good year when it comes to dyslexia advocacy. There are moments, and lately it is happening more and more, when I just want to raise the white flag and say to the educational system, “You win. I cannot continue to have the same asinine conversations with different people in different meetings at different schools in different districts, on a daily basis. I cannot continue to argue about eligibility criteria and appropriate interventions. You win. I’m out. Instead of beating my head against the wall in yet another meeting, I am going to get a frozen yogurt.” Continue reading

Dyslexia: When the School Says No, How to Get Yes

Dyslexia When the School Says No How to Get YesOur Blog Talk Radio Show with Dr. Vaughn K. Lauer on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014, focused on finding ways to get the most out of the IEP process. Listen to the recording below and join us on Tuesday, October 14th at 1pm EST/10am PST for our next Blog Talk Radio episode featuring Jennifer Biang and Deborah Lynam from Learning Ally.

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