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Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall

Photo by JustinCinMD/flickr

Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall (Photo by JustinCinMD/flickr)

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Dyslexia: A Fresh Start for the Fall

If you are anything like me, the summer is a respite from IEPs, 504s, meetings, letters, assessments, policies, laws, services…should I go on? But with this respite comes reflection. Reflection about what didn’t work last year, what worked and what I can do differently to be a more effective dyslexia advocate. Fall is right around the corner and it is an opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start and a new approach. Since we always recommend a meeting at the beginning of each school year, I am sharing some tips to either tune-up an old IEP or to help begin the process for a student with dyslexia.

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