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Reluctance is a Choice Dyslexia is Not - Reluctant Reader

Reluctance is a Choice, Dyslexia is Not

Lately, it seems like I have heard the term ‘reluctant reader’ more than usual. Maybe I am just listening more carefully, but every time I hear it, I am struck by the carelessness of the speaker using the term. Unfortunately (or fortunately), people who use that term are revealing much more about themselves than they are about the student they are labeling. 

Let me make my point by taking the time to understand the word, reluctant. So let’s start with a trip to the etymology dictionary (www.etymonline.com):

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The Adult Side of Dyslexia

The Adult Side of DyslexiaDownload the PDF version of this article here.

I have been asked many times why I am so interested in dyslexia and I always answer with one word, well, one name, Lynford. Before my foray into the world of families and dyslexia, I was deeply entrenched in the world of adult literacy. This is a beautiful world of adults who come to the public library and ask for help with reading and writing – who ever so bravely ask for help. They are adults from twenty years old all the way to ninety years old. They just want one thing…to learn to read and write.

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