Dyslexia: Take the Dyslexia Pledge

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Okay, hold up your right hand and repeat the dyslexia pledge after me.

My Dyslexia Pledge

This year I pledge to:

  • Revisit my child’s IEP and make sure it is in tip top shape.
  • Ask for progress on goals in a measurable format.
  • Make sure goals respond to needs.
  • Make sure accommodations are being used.
  • Call an IEP meeting when I believe changes need to be made.
  • Not be intimidated by the school, or anyone for that matter.
  • Be a first string teammate on the IEP team.
  • Educate my student’s teachers about dyslexia every chance I get.
  • Make sure my student has many opportunities throughout the day to feel successful at school.
  • Not take no for an answer, when I am sure I am right.
  • Never believe that dyslexia is a “death” sentence for my student’s education.
  • Make sure my student’s IEP does not marginalize him.

Dyslexia is real.


Take the Dyslexia Pledge - Dyslexia Training Institute

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