Dyslexia Certificate Program
Level 1
The Dyslexia Training Institute offers a Dyslexia Certificate Program! This program is designed on quality evidence-based research and will teach participants about what dyslexia is and train you to implement the first level of the Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Approach. The program consists of five three week courses, four webinars and a practicum. Our coursework includes an in-depth study of dyslexia, how to effectively implement the O-G Approach, reading comprehension and fluency development, overviews via webinars of Writing, Executive Functioning and Special Ed law. Most certification programs do not cover as many topics as ours. All courses and webinars are online and do not require a specific time of day to be on the class site. The practicum requires participants to work with a student in your area that has been diagnosed with dyslexia or at high risk of a reading disability. Graduate Level Extension Credits are available for all courses in this program. Full Program Details Graduate Level Extension Credit Information Application
Winter / Spring 2016 Dates
Accepting applications through January 4, 2016
January 18 - May 13, 2016
May 13, 2016 - Feb 13, 2017
What is Dyslexia?Jan 18 - Feb 12, 2016

O-G Part 1Feb 15 - Mar 14, 2016

O-G Part 2Mar 7 - Mar 25, 2016


O-G Part 3 Apr 4 - Apr 22, 2016

Reading Comp & Fluency Apr 25 - May 13, 2016

Dyslexia Advocate Certificate Program The Dyslexia Training Institute now offers a Dyslexia Advocate Certificate Program! This program is designed to teach participants about the Individuals with Disabilities and Education Act (IDEA), FAPE, IEPs 504s, appropriate accommodations, letter writing, how to request and receive appropriate services and interventions, dispute processes and resolutions, as they all relate to a student with dyslexia. Upon completion participants will have the information they need to effectively work with families and the school districts to ensure the laws are respected and that children are receiving the services they need. Graduate Level Extension Credits are available for this program. Full Program Details Graduate Level Extension Credit Information Application Fall/Winter 2015 Dates
Accepting applications through October 10th, 2015
Second Cohort
October 12, 2015 - December 18, 2015
Using the Virtual Online Classroom

Using the virtual classroom is new to many participants. Our platform provided by iCohere is very user friendly, but realize you may have questions and want to see what the virtual classroom looks like. The two downloadable documents below will provide you answers to frequently asked questions and snapshot of the virtual classroom and how to navigate the primary functions.

Applying for the Certificate Programs
Participants must apply for and be accepted into the certificate programs. Download and complete the application. You can either scan the completed application and email it to us at dyslexiaspec@gmail.com, fax it to 619-342-2643, or send it through regular mail to: Dyslexia Training Institute
7424 Jackson Drive, Suite 1B
San Diego, CA 92119
Participants accepted into either program must pay a $100 non-refundable registration fee within five days of being accepted into the program. This registration fee is applied towards the program fee. Once you have been accepted into a program you will receive the instructions for paying the registration and program fees. We accept check or credit card.

Dyslexia Certificate Program Fee $1950 - New sessions offered every January and June

Dyslexia Advocate Certificate Program Fee $850 - New sessions offered annually in October

Class size will be limited, so submit your application soon!

Applications: Dyslexia Certificate Program Level 1 Dyslexia Advocate Certicate Program
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