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Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurleytop
Dr. Kelli Sandman-HurleyKelli Sandman-Hurley, Ed.D. is the author and founder of the Dyslexia Training Institute. She is a national speaker, advocate and expert witness for students and their families. Dr. Kelli has studied Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach, Lindamood-Bell, RAVE-O and Read Naturally. She co-created and produced “Dyslexia for a Day: A Simulation of Dyslexia,” as well as writing the well-received books, Dyslexia Advocate! How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System, Dyslexia & Spelling: Making Sense of it All and The Adult Side of Dyslexia.

Dr. Kelli earned a Doctorate in Literacy with a specialization in dyslexia from San Diego State University and the University of San Diego. Her love of language led her to earn an additional MA degree in Linguistics from San Diego State University as well as a TESOL certificate from UC San Diego.

When she is not working, you can find Dr. Kelli spending time with her son, husband, and beloved rescue dog – usually at a baseball game of some sort. If she’s not with them, you can find her on the tennis courts or boarding a plane somewhere.

Brittany Martineztop
Brittany MartinezBrittany Martinez has worked with children in the general education classroom, including English Language Learners, and one-on-one with students with dyslexia. She worked at the San Diego State Children’s Center for four years while getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. Brittany continued her education and earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to teach Elementary School. She has worked for the Dyslexia Training Institute for over five years and has been trained in Structured Word Inquiry, the Orton-Gillingham approach, and is a Special Education advocate assisting parents through the IEP and 504Plan process. Brittany wears many hats at the Dyslexia training institute, including providing one-on-one remediation, teaching online courses, and presents on-site trainings for parents, educators and private practitioners.
Jennifer Dudleytop
Jennifer DudleyJennifer Dudley has been an educator in both private and public school settings. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies from Cal Poly Pomona and went on to earn a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential for Elementary Education. She has previously taught in all grades of elementary education. Jennifer also worked as a Reading Intervention teacher, meeting with small groups of students from kindergarten through 3rd grade. Her training includes Orton-Gillingham (OG), Structured Word Inquiry (SWI) and strategies for executive functioning. Jennifer joined the Dyslexia Training Institute team in July of 2014. She enjoys providing one-on-one remediation with students of all ages as well as assisting with training educators and others who would like to make a difference in struggling readers’ lives.
Katrina Championtop
Katrina ChampionKatrina Champion has been in education for the past 34 years and has worked with children in psycho-education (severely emotionally disturbed), BD/LD resource, home school, and Orton-Gillingham (OG) instruction in individual and small group settings. She designed and directed a program for struggling students that included: early reading intervention, dyslexia classes, and mentoring for middle and high schoolers. She has Bachelor’s Degrees in Middle Grades Education and Psychology, and a Master’s in Special Education: Behavioral and Emotional Disturbances in Children. She received Orton-Gillingham(OG) training through The Academy of Orton Gillingham and the Dyslexia Training Institute. She is Orton-Gillingham (OG) certified through the Dyslexia Training Institute. Katrina is also trained in Structured Word Inquiry(SWI), LIPS, Evaluating Students for Dyslexia, and The Complete Reading Series. Katrina is the parent of 3 adult children. ADHD and dyslexia are a part of her family life.
Holly Justicetop
Holly JusticeHolly Justice works with students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or have characteristics of dyslexia. In 2004, she graduated with dual bachelor’s degrees in English and Political Science. She had aspirations to continue her education and pursue a career practicing law, but her career path changed after her son was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Holly is trained in the Orton-Gillingham(OG) approach, S.P.I.R.E, Recipe for Reading, Lindamood-Bell V/V, Wilson, Barton, Handwriting Without Tears, and multisensory math. She also serves as an educational parent advocate helping to ensure that public school students receive individualized and appropriate accommodations, modifications, and services.
Tracey Christillestop
Tracey ChristillesTracey Christilles has been a special education teacher/tutor for the past thirty-one years. She began her career teaching eighth grade in Maine. She also worked in the New Hampshire public schools for twenty-seven years, in grades kindergarten through fourth before her retirement in 2019. Though she teaches all subject areas, her favorites are reading and writing. She is trained in Orton Gillingham and multiple reading programs, including Wilson, SPIRE, Lindamood Bell, RAVE-Oand Project Read. Tracey is certified as a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist through the Center for Effective Reading Instruction as well as a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner. Tracey began working at the Dyslexia Training Institute in March of 2019 as part of the next chapter of her professional career.
Emily Moratop
Emily MoraEmily Mora received her master's degree in speech pathology from The University of Virginia and is certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She also received her Dyslexia Certificate in Orton-Gillingham from DTI. Emily has provided one-on-one clinical evaluations and personalized treatment plans for over 15 years, first with adults with neurological impairments and now with students experiencing literacy and language deficits. She works privately with students ages 6-18 through her Mora Literacy practice. She has training and experience with clinical evaluation and providing remediation through Orton-Gillingham(OG), Structured Word Inquiry(SWI), vocabulary development, reading comprehension strategies, and written composition instruction.
Bryndi Flinttop
Bryndi FlintBryndi Flint has worked at DTI since 2020 as a Teacher Practicum Mentor. She is enthusiastic about her mentor role and enjoys overseeing the practicum process that supports teachers and parents in the taking theory into practice with students. Bryndi also works as a Literacy Specialist in an elementary school where she coaches teachers in the implementation of the science of reading and designs and teaches reading and writing interventions to first and second grade students. During the previous 16 years, she has worked as a Title One interventionist and at the classroom level as a first, second, and third grade teacher in public elementary schools. During her work with the Response to Intervention (RTI) leadership team, she developed a strong passion for understanding how to design individualized instruction for students who learned differently.

Bryndi holds an MA in Elementary Education and an ME.d in Reading. She is Orton-Gillingham certified through the Dyslexia Training Institute and holds a CERI Certification as a Structured Literacy Teacher through the Center for Effective Reading Instruction, a subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association. Over the years, Bryndi has completed extensive professional development opportunities in research-based best practices, such as the LETRS® modules and the Wilson Reading System®. Bryndi loves working with students who learn differently, and she believes that empowering teachers and parents is key to helping all students succeed.
Cori Saltzmantop
Cori SaltzmanCori Saltzman has taught in the public and private school settings for over 15 years as an elementary classroom teacher, technology specialist, and reading interventionist. In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in General and Minority Studies from Wichita State University, she also obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Technology Integration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Prior to becoming a licensed teacher, she worked as an advocate with the Nevada Disability Law Center representing students in IEP meetings and Due Process proceedings. She received her Orton-Gillingham and Structured Word Inquiry Certifications through Dyslexia Training Institute after previously earning Nevada State certified endorsements in Literacy, Teaching English as a Second Language, and Technology. Currently, she operates a private tutoring business for clients who are Dyslexic or have Dyslexic indicators.
Lisa Stewarttop
Lisa StewartLisa Stewart is a passionate advocate and founder of Advocating 4 Fair Education. She has dedicated her life to supporting children with special needs. As a dyslexic person herself, Lisa understands the challenges and struggles that students face in school. She believes in fostering an environment of understanding and compassion, where everyone can thrive regardless of their learning differences.

As a mother of three children, Lisa's personal experiences have further fueled her commitment to advocating for fair education. Her youngest child faces severe and profound dyslexia and ADHD, along with level 1 autism, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. These challenges have not only shaped Lisa as a parent but have also propelled her to navigate the complex world of special education support.

Lisa holds a Bachelor's degree in education with a minor in history, and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on behavioral science for students with special needs. When her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, Lisa took it upon herself to learn about the Orton-Gillingham reading approach so she could effectively teach him how to read. She has also acquired extensive training from organizations such as the Council of Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates (COPAA), Dyslexia Training Institute, and more. Lisa is an avid "ear reader" and is constantly listening to books to grow as an advocate.

Lisa deeply understands the journey of raising a child with special needs and is committed to supporting others who are navigating the world. She has embarked on a journey to train advocates to help support as many struggling students as possible. Her personal and professional experiences have shaped her into a knowledgeable and empathetic advocate for fair education.
Other Servicestop

The San Diego Learning Centers of the Dyslexia Training Institute offer one-on-one and small group remediation/tutoring in reading, writing, spelling and critical thinking skills to students of all ages. We use research-based methods including Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), Orton-Gillingham (OG), Lindamood-Bell programs, Read Naturally, etc. Instruction is customized to the students current skills and needs. All instruction is administered by highly-trained and experienced specialists.

Additional Site Services:
  • Advocacy for Special Education Services
  • On-site trainings and simulations
  • Remediation/Tutoring Services : On-site tutoring at tour San Carlos/Del Cerro and Poway locations and Online
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