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Tips for Transitioning to Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

Tips for Transition: Students with Learning Disabilities Moving to Online Classes

The move to online classes is happening at many colleges due to the Coronavirus. Although this may work for social distancing measures, it creates issues for those with learning disabilities.

Often, this move to online classes is a very sudden one with little time to prepare. Confusion occurs about what to do, who to talk with, and how to make sure accommodations are met and appropriate for each class.

In addition, this is done as students are asked to leave campus prompting more change and transition. Here are some tips to help transition well, continue to do well academically, and make sure appropriate accommodations are in place.

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Phonesthemes by Dr Kelli Sandman Hurley from Dyslexia Training Institute

Do you snarl when you say snivel, snout, snoot, snub, snot, snob or snotty? Do you feel a certain sensation or emotion when you say sneer, sneeze, snoop? Maybe you curl your lip or say them with your teeth close together. Did you notice that words that have meaning related to the mouth or nose can start with the same two letters like the <sn> in snore.  These letter strings that coincide with feelings and sounds are called phonesthemes which is derived from Greek φωνή phone, “sound”, and αἴσθημα aisthema, “perception” from αίσθάνομαι aisthanomai, “I perceive”.

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10 Best Things to Happen to the Dyslexia Community in 2014

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The Ten Best Things to Happen to the Dyslexia Community in 201410 Best Things to Happen in the Dyslexia Community in 2014 by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley of the Dyslexia Training Institute

1.  The Decoding Dyslexia movement grew to 49 states and a Canadian province. DD was number one my list in 2013 and they remain there because they continue to be the driving force behind public awareness and local dyslexia activism. They have accomplished more in three years than any other organization.  Find them here:  http://www.decodingdyslexia.net/.

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Orthographic Dyslexia: Is It Always Phonological Awareness?

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Orthographic Dyslexia - Is It Always Phonological Awareness? Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley of The Dyslexia Training Institute

It looks like I was onto something when I recently posted the following statement:

There is orthographic dyslexia. This occurs when someone has average or above average phonemic awareness, but they can’t translate that ability to the written word. I always look at the writing first…it tells me everything I need to know about what the child understands about the written language.

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