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Students Become Their Own Advocates

6th-12th graders
During this 4-session course students will learn how to become their own best advocate by learning how to share their story with family members, teachers, future employers and friends. They will leave the class understanding what their educational rights are and how to help those around them understand their struggles, while also learning how to advocate for their accommodations and services.

Why is it Spelled That Way?

2nd-8th graders
These classes are designed to give students an introduction to understanding how English words are structured to help them begin to understand there is a logic to English spellings. By beginning to develop this understanding, it will assist students in improving their encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading) words based on the true structure of the English language. It may also assist them with improving their vocabulary.

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Seeing the Vision and Expressing My Ideas

4th-8th graders
Some students have a difficult time making clear visual imagery in their mind’s eye when they are reading. This can affect comprehension and retention. Some students also find it difficult to express their ideas/thought processes clearly. In this four session course students will learn about how to develop clear visual images in their mind’s eye and be given strategies for improving their ability to express their ideas/thoughts.

Word of the Week

4th-6th graders
In this four session course students will walk through an in-depth investigation of the word family of the Word of the Week. This in-depth study will provide students the opportunity to be introduced to and/or further explore orthographic and phonological structures, conventions and rules that explain the spellings of English words.

What is Dyslexia? - for Kids 2nd-12th graders

In this single session class students will be provided information about what dyslexia is/is not, shown scientific information that supports dyslexia is real, common misconceptions, what type of instruction they need, importance of accommodations and be given an opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences.

The Journey of a Thousand Words: Steps to the Writing Process

Writing is often a very difficult undertaking for students who have dyslexia or other literacy challenges. In this four session course students will learn about the five steps of the writing process. They will learn the benefits of each step and how to do each step. They will be given examples, given an opportunity to critique samples, and have an opportunity to create their own samples through guided practice.

Understanding and Using Accommodations

4th-8th graders
In this four session course students will learn about the importance of accommodations, what types of accommodations are available, and when to use accommodations. They will be introduced to specific tools they can use for different needs. They will also learn how to inform others (educators, parents, friends) about why they need the accommodations.

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