5 Dyslexia Resource Websites

5 Dyslexia Resource WebsitesDownload the PDF version of this article here.

Finding great resources for dyslexia and teaching students with dyslexia is not always easy. However, the five websites below are not only great resources, they are also filled with amazing information that will challenge what you know and encourage you to expand your thinking. Enjoy!

5 Dyslexia Resource Websites 

Word Works Kingston - Dyslexia Resource SiteWord Works Kingston – www.wordworkskingston.com

Think about that title: Word Works. This website that was created by Peter Bowers shows you how to use the word sum and matrix to investigate and discover the underlying word parts. It’s part morphology, part etymology and all brilliant! But heed this warning: Do not go if you do not have three hours to spare…


Dyslexia Resource Site 2 - DyslexiaTrainingInstitute.org

Headstrong Nation – www.headstrongnation.org

Are you having trouble wrapping you head around assistive technology (AT) and how to use it? Or perhaps, the IEP team is reluctant to adopt AT. Ben Foss, the author of the Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, has created this website that is replete with instructional videos and tips for anyone thinking of using AT.


Linguist-Educator Exchange - Dyslexia Resource SiteLEX – Linguist-Educator Exchange http://linguisteducatorexchange.com

If you ever wondered why spelling books teach tried, cried and spied as the <ie> digraph and have struggled to explain that to your student (it’s really cry + ed and the y changes to i because it is no longer the last letter in the word) or you just can’t rationalize how the <ugh> in rough and tough is a vowel team + gh (<ugh> is actually the grapheme) or perhaps you just want to know why <who> is spelled the way it is (I will let Gina explain this one), then this is the website for you. Once you go in, you will be changed forever as Gina Cooke takes you on a linguistic journey to places you never knew existed.


Dyslexia Resource Site 4 - Dyslexia Training Institute

Real Spelling – www.realspelling.com

I have two things to say about this website: 1) Wow and wow, and 2) make sure you either have a Mac or a computer that does not have Windows on it. Do not miss the opportunity to have the Real Speller himself teach you about how the English language has evolved and has continued to evolve and how to unlock all the ‘mysteries’ of our beautiful language. This is not for the faint of heart, make sure your mind is open and ready for a paradigm shift.


Dyslexia Resource Site 5 - Dyslexia Training Institute

Etymology Online – www.etymonline.com

I am like a kid in the candy store on this site. This is where I learned that there is a connected between cure and curious. I learned that the ‘immigrant’ or ‘borrowed’ word, restaurant, was first introduced from French in to the English language in 1821. Are you struggling to understand ballet, check out it’s origin here and you will understand the reason for that <et> at the end, better yet, you AND your student will understand it.

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